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Podcast Reviews

I listened to and reviewed to completely different podcast episodes from two completely different creators. The first one is a little over an hour and the second one is a quick ten minute episode. Please go give both of these a listen in your free time. I think both of these are great and allowContinue reading “Podcast Reviews”

Don’t let people steal your big bucks.

Credit should be given where credit is deserved. Tattoos, love them or hate them I’m sure we all know a few people who have them. As time has gone on tattoos have become more and more widely accepted. Something that has become more and more popular (especially in the TikTok era) is face tattoos. Typically, guys are getting them above their eyebrow or onContinue reading “Don’t let people steal your big bucks.”

Would you like it if Kendall Jenner was mopping your floor?

I sometimes sit and ponder about my future when my boyfriend and I (hopefully) are married. I think about who we will hire to watch our children, clean the pool, etc… As a secure young woman, I trust my boyfriend. I know that neither of us would do anything to put our relationship in jeopardy. One day I sat with myContinue reading “Would you like it if Kendall Jenner was mopping your floor?”

Hello one and all!

Don’t think of this as a blog that tells you how to live your life. I am no better at making choices than sally next door, but I will say adding another perspective can sometimes be just the extra POV you need. Ever since I can remember I have always tried to have a diaryContinue reading “Hello one and all!”

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